Astræa • ongoing

mystery, fantasy, romance

The Golden Fingers, sometimes looked-up to, often despised, is well-known for stealing gold from noble houses of Nebula, the Royal City of Embrume Kingdom. Leaving black cards as their signature, they’re now accused of a crime : murdering the Baron de Begonia.

Alcea de Meillandt, a daring noblewoman, and Yunan, the half-elf Captain of Security Division of the Royal Guard, are collaborating to catch this thief that seems to always escape their reach.

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Staying single forever • finished

comedy, romance, slice-of-life

Marianne is the textbook definition of a workaholic, to the point she even neglects the personal aspects of her life. Her best friend Elie is worried that she will never find love, though it's not as if she cares about it.

That is, until she attends Elie's wedding and catches the bouquet; leaving her with the terrible curse of making other singles terribly infatuated with her, with the exception of her cute neighbor, Famke.

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Spirits Inn

Spirits Inn • upcoming

supernatural, slice-of-life

Higanbana Seirei Ryokan - more commonly known as the Spirits Inn - welcomes all kinds of wandering, troubled spirits and ghosts, acting as a bridge to pass into the afterlife. Their specialty ? Hot springs, massages, and expertly crafted strong drinks by the Innkeeper, a mysterious fox spirit.

Together with her adopted human son, Rin, they will ensure their guests will have a peaceful and relaxing moment, though the more troublesome ones can be tough to deal with.

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Tateyama High School Detective Club • upcoming

mystery, romance, comedy, slice-of-life

Hotaru, 2nd-year highschooler and absolute fan of Sherlock Holmes, founded the Detective Club out of boredom, with her friends Kamui (vice-president) and Nanako (treasurer).

Always looking for new and exciting mysteries, she found out that the more the merrier, and recruited first years Shinichi and Mitsuki to respectively fill the empty-just-created "job seeker / handyman" and "fun departement manager" seats.

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PGM Dropouts

PGM Dropouts • upcoming

action, adventure, fantasy

Four highschoolers of Tateyama High School decide to drop and become VRMMO pro-gamers.

Follow Orc Mage Cia, Elf Thief Anti, Half-dragon Healer Fafnir and Human Berserker Warrior Dagan in their fantastic adventure of earning money through a videogame !

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